Aloe Vera

Aloe is the plant also known as Aloe Vera so it is a flowering succulent plant belongs to Africa. It is very thick with fleshy leaves and these fleshy leaves are having some type of a gel which can be used for medicine purposes, on the other side the other things is the green which is more fibrous part that surrounds the aloe Vera gel and it is the source of aloe latex, which is normally used as a laxative. Aloe Vera has approx. 6,000 year history of use. It was also known as with a name which is in ancient Egypt which is as the plant of immortality and the depicted on stone carvings is given as burial gifts to pharaohs. Aloe Vera used from that time and as it is also used today for medicinal purposes. Aloe Vera gel is widely used in skin products because it is very good for the skin so aloe Vera can be used in many different ways such as moisturizing lotion, sun block, and is a natural food flavoring.

Aloe Vera can be used for many thing which are such as follows:

Aloe Vera can be used for the topically or orally. When we take it orally, aloe soothes the gastrointestinal tract. One of this study found that the aloe Vera gel is to be the beneficial for those with ulcerative colitis. There was a review of studies which has been also found the aloe Vera gel is to be the most helpful when used as a mouthwash to prevent oral microsites such as mouth ulcer so many of the people which are treating in cancer treatment. So, when the aloe Vera is used as a topically in the shape of gel from the leaves the aloe is getting more effective. The natural treatments from aloe Vera is having a large number of variety in skin conditions which is including burns, abrasions, cold sores, psoriasis, sunburn and frostbite. The three studies have shown that aloe Vera gel having some of the beneficial effect when it is used as a topical treatment for mild psoriasis. But in other way it is widely thought to promote the healing of wounds so the studies of this therapeutic use have yielded mixed results. Which are more useful for any of the treatment.

Aloe Vera can be Available in
Aloe Vera is usually available in whole living plants, gel, lotions and aloe Vera juices. These things are commonly use in human life.

Drug interactions
Aloe latex cannot be taken with other stimulant laxatives, medications and any of the drug because it decrease blood sugar or decrease clotting of the blood, or water pills, drugs also affect potassium levels.

Safety concerns
Aloe latex is used as orally may be it is unsafe in high doses and it will be avoided. Women who are pregnant should avoid taking aloe latex orally because it increase the risk of miscarriage and birth problems. People with hemorrhoids or kidney problems are not allow to take aloe latex. Because aloe may affect blood sugar levels.

Buying of aloe Vera
First you should have to look for fresh aloe plants, aloe Vera juices or aloe Vera gels are having only the inner fillet of aloe and say on the label that it is laxative free and lotions with the highest percentage of aloe gel.

The aloe gel is used which is used for the internal is of 30 ml three times a day. But in topically use the fresh gel is used as it needed.

Doctor’s recommendations
Aloe is so much useful for burns that give satisfaction for everyone to keep a potted aloe Vera plant in the kitchen or you can just pot it outside the kitchen door, it also grows profusely outdoors with little or no irrigation. There are many species, but aloe Vera is the right aloe and it has the best effect. So keep the plant in good light and in a pot with good drainage system. To use the fresh plant you simply cut off a lower leaf near the central stalk, remove the spines along with the edge and split the leaf lengthwise. Then rub the exposed you see the gel containing the interior on the skin, and continue rubbing until the residue is mostly absorbed.