Aloe is a super-product, which has been known for more than 4000 years. The most popular type of aloe thanks to its medicinal and nutritional properties is aloe vera. The length of the leaves of this succulent is up to 1 m, the weight is up to 1.5 kg.

A leaf is covered with a strong green skin, under which there is a thin yellow layer of pulp. Most of the nutrients which are necessary for normal life contained in the leaves. The transparent gel is this energy storage room.

Since ancient times, aloe has been helping the mankind to survive in difficult conditions and has been used as one of the most effective medicinal plants. There are records proving the use of this plant for the medical purposes in ancient Egypt, China, and India as well as in ancient Greece and Rome. Ancient Egyptians believed aloe to be “plant of immortality”.

The Indians of Central America and Mexico have used the gel of this plant in the case of burns and gastro-intestinal diseases to prevent the formation of scars with wounds and skin injuries.
At the present time it is known that the gel of the plant, extracted from its leaves contains a lot of various biologically active substances. As the research has showed, they are polysaccharides, including biopolymer acemannan, determines its high biological activity and contribute to the strengthening of immunity, the suppression of inflammatory processes and having strong antiviral action.

In 1985, Dr. Mack Analey discovered one of the polysaccharides of aloe that strengthens the immune system of a patient in the case of AIDS and even prevent the spread of the virus and gives no side effects.

In addition polysaccharides Aloe Vera contains simple sugars (glucose, fructose), proteins, almost all the amino acids, including a complex of essential amino acids, which are so desperately necessary for our body. In addition this plant is rich in vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, E, choline, provitamin A), minerals and trace elements (more than 20 elements required by the body, including Ca, Mg, K, Zn, Se, Mb, Si) and enzymes.

How to use aloe gel
Aloe can be used to improve health in many cases, for example, to balance blood sugar in the body. Scientists have discovered that the reception of this liquid in the course of 2 months decreases the level of blood sugar in type 2 diabetes by 64% in comparison with the initial level.

In addition this natural product is often advised to prevent kidney stones, lower cholesterol, treat diseases of the oral cavity. Studies have shown that it can positively influence the work of the heart and the liver. It is also helpful in the violation of sleep, and nervous tension.

In the case of external application aloe gel acts as a pain reliever in the area, where it is directly applied, reducing the pain, including muscle and joint pain. It reduces bleeding with wounds and cuts; cleans the wound surface and accelerates the renewal of healthy cells.

In cosmetology aloe is an invaluable nourishing and moisturizing component that is able to penetrate deep into the skin. Giving it elasticity, this plant makes the skin soft and clean, prevents the formation of wrinkles.

How to drink aloe vera gel
This product can be drunk constantly (40-60 ml per day). For a child at the age of 6 it is recommended to take 10 ml per day. The gel is better to take for 10-15 minutes before meals. However, if you want to help the body cope with the already existing problem, then to obtain the desired effect, as a rule, the course of its drinking should be 3-4 months.