Aloe vera became famous for its healing properties at the time when humanity began to learn wildlife and explore plants. Even the Bible contains a record of aloe as a «miracle plant».

This plant was used by the peoples of Egypt, Ancient Rome, Greece, India, China for medical purposes many thousand years ago.

What is the secret of this plant?
Aloe vera juice contains more than 200 useful components! The active substances of the juice are galactomannans, glucose, mannose, galactose, glucuronic acid, lignin, folic acid, proteins and free amino acids (20 kinds, including the 8 essential amino acids which are not produced by the human body), organic acids, sterols, enzymes, vitamins (antioxidants in the form of a complex of vitamins B, C and E, beta-carotene), minerals (more than 20 kinds) and other bioactive substances.

Such a natural component rich in useful and irreplaceable substances drew attention of cosmetologists all over the world. Today, Aloe Vera is included into the formula of the most expensive cosmetic products. If you want to choose the most effective products made on the basis of aloe, take into consideration the following rules.

1. The plant should not be younger than 3 years old so that it has all medicinal properties. The process of stabilization also influences the preservation of the useful properties of Aloe juice after it was extracted.
2. Aloe Vera juice should be contained in the cream or other cosmetic means in sufficient quantity, and not just “appear” on the label.
3. It is very important for cosmetic products not to include such ingredients, neutralizing useful properties of Aloe Vera juice as fatty alcohols and mineral oils.

Benefits of aloe vera juice for skin
- It penetrates quickly into the skin deep layers, transporting them useful substances and removing toxins out of the skin.
- It intensively moisturizes the skin, improves elasticity, increases the access of oxygen to the cells, which influences the strength and synthesis of tissue and keeping moisture in them.
- This liquid acts as a natural barrier and protects skin from dangerous toxins.
- This liquid stimulates skin regeneration, slows down aging processes; accelerates the process of wounds curing and microdamages, minimizes scarring.
- It has anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing properties which are necessary for fighting microbes, fungi and some viruses.
- It restores natural functions and health of skin.
- It removes irritation, relieves stings of insects and allergic reactions, promotes healing of the irradiated tissues as it is applied on burns caused by the sun, hot water, electricity or radioactivity.
- It clarifies dark spots on the face and reduces intensity of pigmentation.
- It has a medical effect on problem skin, it is very effective at curing eczema and psoriasis. Aloe vera juice neutralizes chronic inflammatory and infectious diseases.